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30 Recipes To Use Up Eggs

These recipes to use up eggs are delicious and healthy ways to turn eggs into a full meal anytime of day: breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert!  These 30 recipes are fantastic ways to use eggs before they go bad, so you can enjoy some great food without the waste.

I always get a few dozen eggs when we get a grocery order… they are inexpensive, affordable, last a relatively long time (well, longer than produce!), and is a high protein vegetarian option that’s great any time of day.  The only problem is that sometime the expiration date comes a little quicker than I’d like… so I try to get creative with ways to use up eggs!

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How To Tell If Eggs Are Still Good?

I use the “float test” to test any eggs that may be close to the expiration date. Sumberge the egg in a bowl of water. If the egg sinks to the bottom, it is still good.  If it floats up to the top, it is not good and should be discarded. This is because as an egg gets older, air pockets form in the shell and make the egg float. Eat any eggs that sink, and discard the rest.

Easy Recipes To Use Up Eggs

The recipes below are tried-and-true classics on our homestead!  There are quiches for breakfast (some that use a full dozen eggs!), egg salad sandwiches for lunch, shakshukas for dinner, and of course some great baked goods recipes for dessert. These fantastic and easy recipes are great recipes that use eggs if you need some last-minute

Breakfast Recipes That Use Up Eggs

Butternut Squash Frittata
This Butternut Squash Frittata is a vegetarian fall favorite recipe made with eggs, squash, kale, and caramelized onions, and spices. A hearty and satisfying brunch recipe that's ready in just 30 minutes... great to make the night before, or freeze before baking.
Check out this recipe
gluten free butternut squash frittata recipe no gluten brunch recipes autumn breakfast recipes for fall meatless frittata recipes without meat healthy vegetarian comfort food breakfasts
Brioche Breakfast Sandwich
Make an amazing Brioche Breakfast Sandwich to impress your brunch guests, or just for an easy weekend treat for the family! A crowd-pleaser breakfast recipe that everyone at the table will love.
Check out this recipe
brioche breakfast sandwich recipe wbacon and egg brioche sandwiches extra brunch recipes popular best brunches easy make your own breakfast sandwich bar with brioche bread
Hash Brown Eggs Benedict
These hash brown eggs benedict are a quick and delicious breakfast or brunch side: made with perfectly spiced potatoes, a creamy poached egg, and warm Hollandaise sauce. Vegetarian and gluten free.
Check out this recipe
gluten free eggs benedict with hash browns potato egg benedict recipe without bread healthy fun eggs benedict non traditional recipes for breakfast and brunch store bought hollandaise sauce
Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls
Giant and fluffy overnight sourdough cinnamon buns loaded with brown sugar and walnuts. Everyone will want seconds of this pantry staple breakfast! These brioche cinnamon rolls are warm and delicious, a perfect brunch treat for hungry families or guests.
Check out this recipe
overnight sourdough cinnamon buns with sourdough starter discard recipes best brunch recipes for guests christmas morning breakfasts impress guests
Huevos Rancheros with Pinto Beans
Huevos Rancheros with Pinto Beans Recipe are a hearty and satisfying breakfast recipe that will keep you full until lunch- vegetarian & gluten free!  This quick brunch is ready in under 30 minutes, and is made with staple ingredients you likely already have on hand. An inexpensive and tasty breakfast to start the day off right.
Check out this recipe
huevos rancheros with pinto beans recipe breakfast beans recipes healthy ways to eat beans fror breakfast make huevos ranchers with pinto beans instead of black beans refried bean huevos rancheros
Dairy Free Blueberry Muffins (No Milk or Butter)
These Dairy Free Blueberry Muffins are straight out of the oven: heavenly, warm, and sweet. Made with fresh berries and a cinnamon sugar topping. Easy to make, with both vegan and gluten free options.  These farmhouse muffins will be loved by everyone at your table! A fantastic breakfast or brunch the whole family will love.
Check out this recipe
blueberry muffins without butter or milk dairy free muffins with blueberries and cinnamon sugar crumble topping
Scrambled Eggs without Milk
These scrambled eggs without milk are a hearty fresh way to start your day! Packed with protein and  your favorite spices, these easy eggs will help you to rise & shine. If you're looking for the lightest, fluffiest dairy free scrambled eggs - read on, friends!  There are many alternatives to milk in scrambled eggs, a few of these you likely have on hand already.  Enjoy on no-knead toast, easy cornbread waffles, or a thick slice of sourdough garlic bread.
Check out this recipe
how to make scrambled eggs without cream or milk dairy free scrambled eggs recipe no milk scrambled eggs healthier eggs no milk for breakfast
Make Ahead Quiche
This meatless make ahead freezer quiche is great on busy mornings, and you can cook from frozen!  Make 1 quiche or a few, and enjoy anytime.  Great for breakfast with a side of fruit and a tall glass of OJ.   Great for a weekend brunch, a busy holiday, or just a regular weekend.
Check out this recipe
easy make ahead freezer quiche recipe with roasted red pepper spinach onion and parsley vegetarian meatless meal prep freezer meals how to cook quiche from frozen
Pub Cheese Spread Breakfast Sandwich
An irresistible Pub Cheese Breakfast Sandwich with leftover pub cheese - creamy, spreadable, great with eggs and your favorite vegetables.  A great recipe for pub cheese leftover from a party. Eat pub cheese for breakfast with this easy and delicious breakfast sandwich that can be vegetarian and gluten free.
vegetarian pub cheese spread breakfast sandwich easy charcuterie brunch sandwich ideas with leftovers from a party or extra cheese board ingredients like soft spreadable cheese sandwiches recipe
Root Vegetable Hash
This easy root vegetable hash recipe is a hearty breakfast with sweet potatoes, peppers, onions, and eggs. Cooked in one sheet pan, this breakfast or brunch is something the whole family will love.
Check out this recipe
Sheet Pan Meals Breakfasts and easy egg recipes
Sheet Pan Scrambled Eggs
These sheet pan scrambled eggs are the perfect one-pan breakfast!  They are quick, simple, and great to freeze and reheat later. These eggs are loaded with vegetables and are paleo, keto, Whole30 complaint, and simple to make. Easy protein for a morning meal, brunch, or to add to a breakfast sandwich. Great for meal prep, batch cooking, or making ahead for an easy breakfast or brunch!
Check out this recipe
oven baked scrambled eggs on a pan recipe healthy paleo breakfast meals and keto brunch recipes for paleo breakfast sandwiches
Hash Brown Sandwich
This irresistible Hash Brown Breakfast Sandwich to impress your brunch guests, or just for an easy weekend treat for the family! A crowd-pleaser breakfast recipe that everyone at the table will love.  Or make a weekend breakfast sandwich bar, totally customizable so everyone can make their perfect hash brown sandwich.
Check out this recipe
hash brown breakfast sandwich vegan and gluten free options healthy plant based weekend brunch ideas and recipes
Sourdough Hawaiian Rolls
Soft and fluffy no knead sourdough Hawaiian rolls take very little prep time. This pantry staple sweet bread is great for sliders, breakfast buns, and dipping!
Check out this recipe
sourdough hawaiian rolls recipe with pineapple juice sourdough starter hawaiian rolls at home

Lunch Recipes That Use Eggs

If you want some healthy high protein eggs for lunch, these easy and healthy recipes are ready in no time!  I love adding hard boiled eggs to my salads, digging into a egg salad sandwich, and also enjoying a nice muffin to go with my meal.

Everything Bagel Egg Salad
This everything bagel egg salad sandwich is a vegetarian keto lunch recipe loaded with low carb egg salad, keto bread, and fresh sprouts.  A meatless high protein sandwich that is creamy, delicious, and perfect for brunch.
Check out this recipe
everything bagel egg salad sandwich recipe vegetarian keto lunch recipes healthy meatless keto lunches sandwich keto vegetarian no meat recipes
Easy Peel Hard Boiled Eggs
These easy peel hard boiled eggs - they come out perfect every single time, I swear by them! Get smooth perfectly cooked boiled eggs following these easy steps.  
Check out this recipe
egg cooking times chart from soft boiled eggs 6 minutes to hardboiled eggs 11 minutes in boiling water runny yolks to firm yolk.
Keto Smashed Egg Sandwich
This Keto Smashed Egg Sandwich recipe is a hearty high protein sandwich made with hard boiled eggs, sprouts, and loads of spices! This easy and vegetarian low carb breakfast or lunch recipe is made with keto certified bread for a high fiber and keto meal that will keep you full. 
Check out this recipe
keto hardboiled egg sandwich recipe easy low carb hardboiled egg recipes best keto sandwiches for breakfast or lunch low carb breakfast ideas with eggs and sprouts do alfalfa sprouts have carbs
Dill Pickle Deviled Eggs
These Dill Pickle Deviled Eggs are a great summer party appetizer for a cookout, potluck, or luau - a briny and savory take on classic recipe!  These dill pickle egg bites are a fun and simple appetizer that everyone will love. These eggs are keto, vegetarian, gluten free, and SO good!
meatless keto appetizer recipes healthy no meat vegetarian low carb snacks keto bbq sides healthy snacks for summer low carb egg recipes pickle recipes keto deviled eggs with pickles
Deli Style Macaroni Salad
This deli style macaroni salad recipe is a creamy delicious side dish to serve at a BBQ, cookout, or potluck. Classic deli-style flavor with lots of added vegetables for a bright and fresh crunch. This simple recipe is great to make ahead for your next gathering.
Check out this recipe
Egg Salad with Pickles
Thisegg salad with pickles sandwich is a vegetarian keto lunch recipe loaded with low carb egg salad, keto bread, and fresh sprouts.  A meatless high protein sandwich that is creamy, delicious, and perfect anytime. A pickle lovers sandwich!
vegetarian keto egg salad recipes with dill pickles egg salad keto low carb pickles for egg salad with cucumbers and sprouts healthy low carb sandwich bread for egg salad sandwiches and lunches on the go
Amish Macaroni Salad (No Mayo)
This macaroni salad with Amish Dressing (and no mayo!) is a classic recipe that's a perfect side dish salad for your next potluck, bbq, or party. This no mayo macaroni salad recipe is loaded with fresh vegetables and has a thick, sweet, and creamy dressing.
Check out this recipe
amish macaroni salad recipe no mayo pasta salad withour mayonnaise cooked dressing for macaroni salads and potato salads recipe vegetarian meatless gluten free

Dinner Recipes Using Eggs – Vegetarian High Protein Meals!

Ideas for when you want eggs for dinner!  These ideas below are perfect recipes to use up eggs any time of day or night… delicious soups, salads, and easy ways to enjoy eggs for dinner.

Black Bean Shakshuka
This Black Bean Shakshuka recipe is a high protein gluten free breakfast that is ready in 30 minutes. A spicy variation of classic shakshuka with black beans.  Serve alongside a tortilla or naan for a delicious mash up of Middle Eastern and Mexican flavors in one dish.
Check out this recipe
black bean shakshuka vegetarian gluten free spicy black bean breakfast beans recipes healthy ways to eat beans for breakfast spiced beans and eggs brunch recipe
Egg Drop Soup with Rice
This egg drop soup with rice is a tasty and quick lunch recipe with leftover rice and a few refrigerator staple ingredients - 15 minutes, vegetarian, and gluten free.  Save your leftover rice and transform it into a quick and flavorful soup, a perfect no waste recipe!
Check out this recipe
egg drop rice soup recipe vegetarian recipes with leftover rice what to do with rice leftovers healthy ways to repurpose cooked rice recipes lunch or dinner
Vegetarian Thai Fried Rice
Vegetarian Thai fried rice recipe is a one of the best leftover rice recipes - hearty and easy, and a great way to use leftover rice!  Simple, loaded with vegetables, and ready in 20 minutes.  A perfect inexpensive dinner or side dish, and can be served with any protein you have on hand!
Check out this recipe
fried rice with leftovers easy vegetarian healthy 15 minute dinner
BBQ Deviled Eggs Recipe
These BBQ Deviled Eggs are a great summer party appetizer for a cookout, potluck, or luau - a sweet and spicy take on classic recipe!  These BBQ hard boiled eggs are a fun and simple appetizer that everyone will love. These eggs are vegetarian, gluten free, and SO good!
bbq deviled eggs recipe vegetarian bbq appetizers high protein vegetarian side dishes for summer bbq memorial day 4th of july side dishes modern deviled eggs recipe with barbecue sauce eggs
Honey Garlic Chicken Nuggets
Honey garlic chicken nuggets are the grown-up dinner for the inner child in all of us. Crispy oven baked nuggets served with a sweet and tangy sauce!
honey garlic chicken breast nuggets recipe tenders for adults
Keto Deviled Egg Salad
This keto deviled egg salad is a fun twist on classic egg salad - and is low in carbs and keto. Great on a lettuce wrap or a sandwich!  This is one of those keto vegetarian recipes you'll keep coming back to!

Dessert Recipes with Eggs

I love using eggs for baking, and the below desserts are some of our favorite treats to enjoy on the homestead.

Coffee Chocolate Chip Cookies
This coffee chocolate chip cookies recipe is soft, buttery, delicious, and simple to make! Crisp on the outside and soft in the center, these pantry staple cookies are made with simple ingredients and espresso for a little kick.
Check out this recipe
dairy free baking desserts make dessert with ingredients from cupboards at home no butter powdered butter cookies powdered egg cookies crinkle chocolate chips best ever cookie recipe
Peanut M&M Brownies
These Peanut M&M Brownies are an easy pantry staple dessert and easy to make with the family! Peanuts and M&Ms make these fun to make AND to eat - a fantastic sweet and salty dessert combo.
peanut M&M brownies m and m brownies with peanuts
Almond Flour Peanut Butter Cookies
These Almond Flour Peanut Butter Cookies have 4 ingredients and take just 12 minutes to bake. Hot, delicious, dairy free cookies are ready in no time with this super simple cookie recipe.
Check out this recipe
peanut butter cookies with almond flour dessert recipes 4 ingredient cookies healthy gluten free nut butter cookies with peanuts
Vegan Lemon Poppy Seed Loaf
This vegan Lemon Poppy Seed Loaf recipe is high in plant protein and makes for a delicious and filling breakfast. Like taking a bite of summer!


I got the fresh produce for the recipes from my garden and from my Misfits Market box – they sell all organic produce at a super discounted price, and it’s purchased direct from the farmers. We get Misfit Market boxes every month and love picking out our favorite seasonal produce for delivery.  You can get $10 off your first box by clicking here!


As always, if you make any of these egg recipes be sure to leave me a comment, rate this recipe, and tag me @theherbeevore on Instagram so I can feature you.  I love seeing all your photos of my recipe recreations!

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