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About Me

The Herbeevore beekeeper homesteader recipe developer cook and environmental enthusiast

Hey there, I’m Kelly: a recipe developer, food blogger, beekeeper, and homesteader.  I started The Herbeevore to document my adventures in beekeeping, cooking, homesteading, and to share all the fantastic fresh & vibrant recipes we enjoy.

I love creating fresh and healthy recipes for everyone at the table! I love making healthier versions of traditional recipes for everyone at the table, so a lot of my food is plant-based, vegetarian, vegan, and high in fiber.

I started this site as a recipe archive to compile and write my favorite recipes that I created so I can make them again & again.  Most recipes you see here I’ve created from scratch, and I also I’ve compiled some great Family Recipes too. My dad’s side of the family has a long history of owning restaurants/supper clubs in Chicago.

I’ve always been passionate about cooking and getting creative in the kitchen.  I develop recipes with the fresh produce from our garden and with honey from our beehives.  I also love cooking with pantry staple ingredients, and anything we pull from the garden (see below)!  Most of my recipes are vegan, as that is how we eat on a daily basis.  Some are vegetarian, some are flexitarian, and some do contain meat. I believe in balance and eating healthfully, enjoying as much local and homegrown produce as we can.

gardening homesteader blogger homestead blog garden recipes picking potatoes blue Adirondack potatoes harvest blog recipe healthy homesteader woman the herbeevore

Our epic Blue Adirondack potato harvest we grew this year!

Living an Eco-Friendly Homestead Life

We currently live on a wonderful slice of New England wilderness.  Our acreage is heavily forested, with huge boulders and old rustic rock walls lining the property.  We have fully embraced living the rugged homestead lifestyle, and we get “farmier” every year:

  • We grow our own food in our gardens in the summer and fall (see above pic of our most recent epic potato harvest!)
  • Compost all kitchen scraps to prevent food waste
  • Chop, haul, split, stack all our own firewood to heat our home in the winter
  • Tap our maple trees to make maple syrup in the spring
  • Hike on the winding trails we built throughout our property
  • And, of course started beekeeping

Each year we work towards becoming more sustainable, eco friendly, low waste, and self-sufficient as possible on our land.

local beekeeper blogger recipe developer vegan vegetarian recipe developing paid recipes local beekeeper for hire recipe developer content creator blogger video creator for instagram and tiktok

A beekeeper’s got to keep an eye on hive health through weekly checks.

The Buzz on Beekeeping

5 years ago we decided to give beekeeping a try.  It was a totally new journey for us and felt great to do something to help our little ecosystem.  We have anywhere between 1-5 hives at a time… and each has between 20,000 – 50,000 bees!  We’re just hobbyist/backyard beekeepers, we don’t do it professionally. But I love tending to our well-established colonies and see our bees happily foraging around the homestead in the summer. I even caught a wild swarm of bees on our property too, which was one of the wildest experiences of my life.

I worked with a local business last year to relocate and re-house a wild honeybee colony… and that was an experience we’re still buzzing about (sorry, SO many bee puns)!

I absolutely love spending time outdoors on the land, indoors in the kitchen, and everywhere in between. I love the process of creating and sharing fun new recipes, so subscribe for monthly updates on what’s new!

I want to encourage everyone to eat more locally and sustainably, enjoy the land, and have fun in the kitchen using whole ingredients to make something fantastic. Please reach out with any questions on homesteading or beekeeping, or just let me know more of what you’d like to see on this site.

If you are curious about any of the ingredients I use in my recipes, I try to link to the exact products that I use.  You can also check out my Amazon Storefront to browse some lists I’ve built for our favorite pantry staple ingredients, tools we use for composting, a collection of products for beginner beekeepers, and of course some favorite plant based snacks!

I’m also a contributing writer over at CircleAround, and you can browse more recipes there as well.

Thanks for Visiting, and Happy Trails!

– Kelly

Sponsorship and Collaborations

If you’re interested in working with me by sponsoring a post or any other type of collaboration through a blog post on the site or on Instagram – I’m honored and would love to chat with you! You can get in touch with me through my contact form here.