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50 Kitchen Gifts For Moms Who Love to Cook (2021 Gift Guide)

Here are some fabulous kitchen gifts for moms who love to cook – cute, fun, and unique kitchen gadgets, tools, and ingredients that mom will absolutely love. Whether she’s a baking enthusiast, meal prepper, or just a weeknight cook – we got her covered with our fun gift guide below.

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Mother’s Day gifts at every price point: spoil her with some major kitchen upgrades and new tools to make cooking easier. Whether it’s a DIY homemade cheese kit, a new set of stainless steel kitchen utensils, or just a new cookbook that she’ll love: here are some great kitchen gifts for Mother’s Day!  Gifts for the cooking, the baking, and the meal prepping mamas.

This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I may earn from qualifying purchases, at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting the brands that support us!

kitchen mother's day gifts for foodies cooks chefs gift ideas for moms and women who love to cook

Family Cookbook Recipe Journal: A Blank Recipe Book for Family Favorites

Have mom compile all her favorite family recipes with this fantastic recipe journal. Whether they are new family favorites or classic recipes that have been handed down, this recipe journal is a great way to gather all her favorites in one book.

Personalized Mother Daughter Kitchen Aprons Set with Pocket, Family Aprons for Cooking Baking

This adorable apron set is perfect for some mother/daughter or son baking!  Great for mom to wear while teaching her little ones to cook or bake around their way in the kitchen. And how adorable are those little animal designs? This is a great apron set from your little one to mom (or grandma).

Crock Pot Artisan 3.5 Quart Enameled Cast Iron Deep Sauté Pan, Teal Ombre


This gorgeous teal 3.5 quart enamel cast iron saute pan is a fantastic way to add a pop of color to the kitchen!  This pan is heavy duty and will last a lifetime… and a great for pan frying up quick and easy dinners.


French Tart Baking Kit | Gifts for Bakers, Baking Set for Adults

Cooking Gift Set | French Tart Baking Kit | Gifts for Bakers | Gifts for Her | Baking Gifts | Baking Set for Adults

Make Mother’s Day brunch #extra with this fancy french tart baking set.  Gift it to mom, or get one for youself and bake some amazing French pasties for mom to enjoy.


Adjustable Height Kitchen Step Stool,Kids Learning Stool,Mothers’ Helper

SDADI Adjustable Height Kitchen Step Stool,Kids Learning Stool,Mothers' Helper child kitchen step stool gift

I love this adjustable height kid’s step stool – great for moms or grandmas who want to cook or bake with their little ones. Now kids of and age can get involved in family recipes. Pass down kitchen traditions and make new ones with this great step stool for kids.


Utopia Kitchen Compost Bin for Kitchen Countertop – 1.3 Gallon Compost Bucket for Kitchen with Lid 

For the eco-friendly mom in your life!  This kitchen top composter is the perfect way to help mom cut down on food waste. We have this same countertop composter, and have used it every day for the last 4 years – it’s a great way to live more sustainably!



Instant Pot Ultra 60 Electric Pressure Cooker, 6-QT, Stainless Steel/Black

The Instant Pot Ultra is THE essential appliance for the kitchen, it has all the bells and whistles. This fantastic electric cooker quickly pressure cooks food, and will save hours in the kitchen prepping.  It has settings for breads, eggs, cakes, yogurt, slow cooking, and pressure cooking. I have an Instant Pot Ultra (which is a little more expensive than the Duo model, but has tons of features and is so WORTH it!) Save mom’s time, sanity, and energy with this fantastic pressure cooker.  You can also check out all my Instant Pot recipes on The Herbeevore here... iI use my Ultra on a weekly basis.  I literally have chickpeas cooking it in as I type this 🙂

Does Mom Already Have an Instant Pot?  Get Her an Air Fryer Lid for it!

If mom has an Instant Pot already, she may not have this handy Air Fyer Lid that fits over the top of 6-quart models. We have a seperate stand-alone air fryer in our home, but this lid is great if mom loves to cook with her Instant Pot already!  Pressure cook, the crisp… together at once.

Home Is Where Your Mom Is, Floral Dish Towel, 28 x 28-Inches 

This sweet kitchen hand towels says it all!  Whether you live with mom, or haven’t lived with her in a while, she will always be home.

Mitbak Cheese Board Tray with 12 Cheese Utensils | Bamboo Charcuterie Board Serving Tray

Mitbak Cheese Board Tray with 12 Cheese Utensils | Bamboo Charcuterie Board Serving Tray | Cutting Board Platter Great Gift For Mother’s Day, Anniversary, Bridal Shower, Wedding | 16 x 13 x 2 Inches

These fancy charcuterie board is perfect for your next Mother’s Day brunch!  Serve cheeses, dips, spreads, and crackers on this gorgeous cheese board with sliding knife trays. Level up mom’s brunch game with this cute charcuterie wooden board.

Bread Proofing Basket Kit | Perfect 9-Inch Rattan Basket Set for Banneton, Sourdough

As a sourdough baker, I couldn’t do it without my banneton basket and bread making tools!  This set includes a classic banneton basket for making gorgeous loaves of bread, as well as some great dough scraping and scoring tools.  The perfect gift for anyone looking to learn how to bake bread… and pass it on to their families as well.


The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook: From Cauldron Cakes to Knickerbocker Glory–More Than 150 Magical Recipes for Wizards and Non-Wizards Alike

An adorable gift idea for the ultimate Harry Potter fan!  Bring tasty treats from the wizarding world come to life in your kitchen with this Unofficial Harry Potter Cook Book... a great book for kids and parents to read and cook together!

Römertopf Clay Baking & Roasting Dish

We love our Romertopf clay roaster, it makes baking so simple!  Toss all ingredients into the pot, place the lid on the pot, and roast away.  Great for busy weeknight meals. Our favorite recipes are Clay Pot Bread and Clay Pot Chicken & Vegetables… all done in this fantastic German roaster.


14K Gold Leaf Mom Juice 19oz Stemless Wine Glass

THE PERFECT GIFT FOR ANYBODY. If you're in the market for a thoughtful and elegant gift, look no further! No matter the occasion - birthdays, holidays, weddings, graduations, anything - these beautifully crafted golden stemless wine glasses are ideal! Perfect for an anniversary, housewarming, Christmas present, Xmas stocking stuffer, kitchen gifts, wedding and engagement gifts, bachelor/bachelorette party and more

Give mom her own sippy cup with this funny 14k gold leaf lettered stemless wine glass.  Treat mom to some wine, not whine.


NutriChef Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet 3 Pieces Kitchen Frying Pan Nonstick Cookware Set

Upgrade mom’s pans with this fantastic cast iron set!  We use our cast iron skillets on a weekly basis – they are great for cooking, frying, and finishing dishes in the oven.  They are simple to cook and wash – I like these traditional cast iron pans better than non-stick sets (which are coated in chemicals).


Joy of Cooking: 2019 Edition Fully Revised and Updated

The Joy of Cooking is a classic cookbook & a must-have for any kitchen!  I keep a copy on my bookshelf right next to the kitchen.  Whether mom wants to reference a favorite recipe, or browse for some new ideas – this classic cookbook is revised and updated.


5-Pack Glass Containers for Meal Prepping – Food Storage Containers with Locking Lids

Level up mom’s storage containers with these amazing 5-piece containers, great for meal prepping!  There are a lot of meal prep containers out there, and these are the exact ones we use in our home.  I’ve had them for 2 years now and they are still perfect: no warping, breaking, leaks, etc. These are great for moms who bring meals on the go.  They are durable and long lasting… I can personally vouch 🙂


365-Piece Cake Decorating Supplies 2021 Baking Set with Springform Cake Pans Set,Cake Rotating Turntable,Cake Decorating Kits, Muffin Cup Mold, Cake Baking Supplies for Beginners and Cake Lovers

Whether mom is a seasoned pro baker or new to the art, this 365 piece cake decorating set is a great way to let her creativity shine. As a new baker myself (and someone who loves watching baking shows!) I love the variety here!  This cake set will inspire mom to make her own works of art.

Good Moms Great Moms Flour Sack Towel, 27 inch by 27 inch, 100% Cotton, Highly Absorbent, Multi-Purpose Kitchen Dish Towel

Not going to lie – this actually made me laugh out loud!  This funny kitchen towel is a great gift for the mom who has a sense of humor 🙂

KitchenAid 8-Quart Commercial Countertop Mixer, 10-Speed, Gear-Driven

Now THIS mixer is for the mom who doesn’t mess around!  This 8 quart Kitchen Aid stand mixer makes extra large batches of cookies, dough, bread, you name it!  Mix and super-size it with this amazing classic stand mixer.  This is by far the priciest gift on the list… but it is #extra!


Mom Already Have a Stand Mixer? Try This Versatile Pasta Maker Attachment!

Any night is homemade pasta night with this fantastic Kitchen Aid pasta maker attachment!  Easily make 6 different pasta shapes with the stand mixer.  Great for family spaghetti nights or simple homemade meals that the whole family can enjoy together.


Stainless Steel Kitchen Utensil Set – 29 Cooking Utensils – Nonstick Kitchen Utensils Cookware Set with Spatula

Now this stainless steel kitchen tool set leaves nothing behind!  From spoons to whisks, wine openers to measuring cups – updgrade mom’s kitchen utensil drawer with this great set.  For the price, a great variety of tools: all the same color and materials.


Ottolenghi Simple: A Cookbook

The cookbook Simple by Yotom Ottolenghi is our all-time favorite in this house!  We’ve actually given this to Brett’s mom for Mother’s Day one year – it’s a fantastic healthy cookbook that is full of good-for-you recipes. These vegetable dishes are fantastic main courses, salads, side dishes, and even desserts. You can’t go wrong with any recipe in this book – it’s a winner!


7 Piece Canning Kit Canning Supplies Set Canning Jar Lifter with Grip Handles, Stainless Steel Large Canning for Home Canning

A gardener’s companion!  If mom loves to garden, let her store her fresh summer produce with this fantastic canning set. We use ours for pickles, spicy carrots, and preserving cucumbers.  Bring the garden into the kitchen, and enjoy preserved produce all year long!


Ball Mason 32 oz Wide Mouth Jars with Lids and Bands

To go with the above gift, these wide mouth quart mason jars are the perfect preserving vehicles!  For more than just pickles: these mason jars are great for food storage, pantry organization, and even crafting!  I like these quart sized jars better than the regular mouth –  they are great for carrying soups or making mason jar salads easy to eat!

Beginners Cheese Making Kit – Make your own Goat, Mozzarella, Ricotta, Mascarpone, Burrata

A cheese-making kit is a fantastic way to have mom experiment in the kitchen with something she may not have tried before!  Once the cheese is made, enjoy it on pizzas, with pasta, or just topped on a salad. A fun DIY kit that any mom or grandma would love to try.

Stoneware Ramekins, Oven Safe Souffle Dishes Creme Brulee Ramekins for Baking

These gorgeous 6 ounce ramekins are made from beautiful earthware. I love the rustic look of these, and the beautifuul blue color will complement any modern kitchen. These are oven and mircowave safe… so they are perfect for deserts, soufles, or just a bowl for a small snack.


AvoSeedo Avocado Tree Growing Kit – Kitchen Garden Seed Starter Gift

Don’t know what to do with all those avocado pits from your last batch of guacamole?  Grow ’em on the counter!  Give mom a gift that keeps on giving, with this easy countertop seed sprouter.



Air Fryer Toaster Oven, 6 Slice 24QT Convection Airfryer Countertop Oven, Roast, Bake, Broil, Reheat, Fry Oil-Free, Cooking

This fantastic counter-top roaster is perfect for air frying, convection cooking, or just baking small batch recipes. Mom will love this mini oven for recipes that are smaller in size – great for heating a quick lunch or snack without turning on the entire oven.

Baking Queen Adjustable Kitchen Cooking Aprons with 2 Pockets

Cute Birthday, Valentines Day, Mother's Day Apron Gifts for Bakers Mom Wife Girlfriend

This Baking Queen apron is a fantastic gift for that expert baker!  Whether it’s cookies, cakes, or bread, this apron will tell everyone who is boss of the baked goods.

Wildlife Kitchen Knife Set in Gift Box – Cool Gifts for Animal Lovers – 6-Piece Colorful Chefs Knives Set

If mom is a nature lover, these fantastic wildlife knives are the perfect addition to her kitchen!  Quickly prep, chop, and dice with this cute knife set featuring some of nature’s amazing animals.  These wildlife knives are colorful and fun, can’t be tamed!

Gotham Steel Premium Hammered Cookware – 5 Piece Ceramic Cookware

Gotham Steel Premium Hammered Cookware – 5 Piece Ceramic Cookware, Pots and Pan Set with Triple Coated Nonstick Copper Surface & Aluminum Composition for Even Heating, Oven, Stovetop & Dishwasher Safe

Give mom’s pots and pans a major upgrade with these gorgeous hammered copper sets!  I love the look of the hammered metal, this texture would go perfectly in any modern kitchen.

Inspirational Count Your Blessings Jar Set

Any mother would be lucky enough to count their blessings with this adorable counter top jar. I love that this jar looks like a little spice container, it’s perfect for the kitchen. And you can even fill the jar with your own “blessings” on paper, telling mom how much you love her!

Bakeware Set of 3 piece, Ceramic Baking Dishes, Mint Green

SIDUCAL Bakeware Set of 3 piece, Ceramic Baking Dishes Porcelain Baking Pans Rectangular Casserole Pan for Cooking Cake Dinner Kitchen Wrapping Upgrade

These fantastic baking dishes are the perfect way to brighten mom’s kitchen!  Upgrade her cookware with these ceramic dishes which are oven-safe and great for brownies, cookie bars, roasting dinners, or baking focaccias.

Air Fryer Max XL(100 Recipes) Electric Hot Oven Oilless Cooker LED Touch Screen with 13 Cooking Functions

COSORI Air Fryer Max XL(100 Recipes) Electric Hot Oven Oilless Cooker LED Touch Screen with 13 Cooking Functions, Preheat and Shake Reminder, Nonstick Basket, 5.8 QT, DIGITAL-Black

If mom doesn’t have an air fryer, this Cosori Air Fryer is SO simple and easy to use!  We have this exact air fryer and have been loving it – we even got one for my mom as well.  The air fryer is perfect for homemade cirspy fries, garlic bread, or for heating up breakfast in a jiffy.


Barefoot Contessa Foolproof: Recipes You Can Trust: A Cookbook

The perfect cookbook for the mom that loves to host, entertain, and have guests over. Ina Garten’s recipes are simple, delicious, #extra, and very friendly for those throwing parties or entertaining. I love these Foolproof recipes (and I love Ina!) so this cookbook is a winner.

Gravity Electric Pepper Grinder set of 2, Automatic Salt and Pepper Mill Grinder

JOBKIM Gravity Electric Pepper Grinder set of 2, Automatic Salt and Pepper Mill Grinder, Battery Powered, Adjustable Roughness, Blue LED Light, Stainless Steel with One Hand Operation

We have a set of these fantastic salt and pepper grinders that let gravity do all the work!  Just turn them over, and the salt and pepper grinds itself… great for those who have difficulty with normal salt and pepper grinders.

Cutting Board Style Rustic Brown Wood Recipe Cookbook iPad Tablet Stand Holder Stand with Kickstand

A perfect cookbook stand that will complement any kitchen decor!  This stand is shaped like a cutting board, making it the perfect addition to mom’s kitchen. Prop up and cookbook or even an ipad, and read the recipe while you cook.  I have one of these stands, and they are so convenient!


Gourmet World Flavors Seasoning Collection | Non GMO Verified | 6 Magnetic Tins

Gourmet World Flavors Seasoning Collection | Non GMO Verified | 6 Magnetic Tins | Spice Blends | Crafted in Small Batches by Gustus Vitae | #68

A fantastic spice collection for the mom who loves to travel and try new flavors!  This is a great gift for 2021 as we’re all ready for our next travel adventure. These spices are small batch crafted and non-GMO, so mom can try fun new flavors.

Kitchen Gizmo Snap N Strain Strainer, Clip On Silicone Colander, Fits all Pots and Bowls

I absolutely love the design hack of this awesome pasta strainer – way more convenient that taking out and using a huge collander. This strainer is great for any kind of pasta, and vegetables that you may need to steam!

Zojirushi 5-1/2-Cup (Uncooked) Micom Rice Cooker and Warmer

If you’re looking for the Lexus of rice cookers, this Zojirushi rice cooker is the one to get. Our family has it, and uses it everyday!  Great for making incredibly fluffy and perfectly-cooked rice.  Plus it’s also a rice warmer too, so mom can enjoy cooked rice anytime.

Bamboo Cutting Board with Juice Groove (3-Piece Set) – Kitchen Chopping Board Butcher Block | Heavy Duty Serving Tray w/Handles

This simple set of cutting boards are great for upgrading mom’s old set!  They also come with a neat juice indentation so countertops won’t be a mess after chopping.  These reasonable bamboo cutting boards are sustainable, too!

Light Blue 3-tier Ceramic Cake Stand- Cupcake Stand- Tea Party Pastry Serving Platter Comes In a Gift Box- Free Sugar Tong

Make Mother’s Day Brunch #extra with this fancy and beautiful 3-tiered cupcake or sandwich tea tray!  I love that this cake stand can hold 3 different sizes of foods, and can be used to serve sweet or savory recipes. Great for the mom who hosts brunch, has gal pals over, and loves to entertain.

Magnolia Table, Volume 2: A Collection of Recipes for Gathering

If mom’s an HGTV lover, she will love this entertaining and design book written by Joanna Gaines. Inspire mom to make gorgeous tablescapes, learn new designs for entertaining, and create tablescapes for hosting.  Or buy the book for youself, and learn to set the perfect Mother’s Day table for mom… she’ll love it!

Organic Herbs Infused Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil Set

Pellas Nature, Organic Herbs Infused Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil Set, Finishing Oil Flavors Basil Garlic, Red Pepper, Rosemary, Wooden Combo Set, All-Natural, No-Additives, 4 X 50 ml (1.7 oz) Bottles

Level up mom’s olive oil game with these amazing infused olive oils. These oils are organic and non-GMO, and are flavored with rosemary, garlic, basil, and pepper. Great for building bright savory dishes and salad dressings.


Personalized Chopsticks Set with Engraved Wooden Case

Hey, if mom doesn’t love cooking but is a take-out queen – get her a set of customizable chopsticks!  She can enjoy her next take out dinner with her own set, and comes in a fancy wooden case.

Extra Large Silicone Pastry Mat Non Stick Baking Mat with Measurements

For the baker woman in your life – if mom rolls out dough, makes pies, bakes cookies – this is the mat for her!  I just got this exact same mat a few months ago for bread-making… and what a difference it makes!  It’s very large (2 x 3 feet) so no flour or dough will spill over the counter.


Mom Towel Set – You’re The Mom Everyone Wishes and Love You Mom

These sweet tea towels say it all!  The perfect small kitchen gift for mom, that she can see every day!


I Cerealsly Love You Engraved Stainless Steel Cereal Spoon

I Cerealsly Love You Engraved Stainless Steel Cereal Spoon Anniversary Wedding Boyfriend Girlfriend Valentine Unique Token Of Love On Special Occasions-Best Gifts From Boston Creative Company

This too-cute cereal spoon says it all: we seriously love mom!  A very cute gift to add onto a set of bowls for the kitchen. And it’s a great reminder for mom every time she uses the spoon.

Premium Hot Sauce Kit, 5 Bags of Chili Peppers including Jalapeno, Gourmet Spice Blend, 4 Bottles, Fun Labels, Make your own hot sauce

Premium Hot Sauce Kit, 5 Bags of Chili Peppers including Jalapeno, Gourmet Spice Blend, 4 Bottles, Fun Labels, Make your own hot sauce, for Mom, Dad, Papa, Cooking (Premium Kit)

Some like it hot!  This is a great gift for the hot-sauce loving mom in your life!  If she likes it spicy, this gift let’s her make her own salsa and hot sauces exactly the way she wants.


This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I may earn from qualifying purchases, at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting the brands that support us!

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