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7 Layer Dip Burrito Recipe


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This 7 layer dip burrito recipe is a delicious take on a classic dip recipe! These burritos are tasty, creamy, loaded with vegetables, high in plant-based protein and are vegetarian.

These burritos are fantastic for a simple lunch recipe, or a simple dinner. Serve with rice cooker yellow rice and easy avocado lime salad and you’ll have a fantastic meal in no time!

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As a born & raised Midwesterner, I absolutely love 7 layer dip and always have since growing up!  This recipe is the perfect way to enjoy leftover 7 layer dip for a fun and easy lunch. It’s quick, simple, and uses leftovers for a no-waste kitchen!
This burrito has everything: rich sour cream, spicy salsa, crunchy fresh lettuce and tomatoes, and hearty and filling beans. It’s the perfect combination of flavors, textures, and ingredients. You can add your favorite veggies or salsa to this burrito too to make it ultra-customizable!

This 7 Layer Dip Burrito Recipe Is

  • Easy
  • Hearty
  • Loaded with Flavor
  • Veggie-packed
  • Versatile
  • Vegetarian & High in Protein
  • Great for using leftover taco ingredients or extra dip!
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Save Leftover Taco Ingredients or Dip  for a No-Waste Recipe!

I’m all about saving, reusing, or repurposing as much as I can in my kitchen. This 7 layer dip burrito is the perfect recipe to repurpose ingredients you may be tempted to throw out. Instead of tossing leftover 7 layer dip, or extra taco veggies in the compost or garbage, you can repurpose it into a delicious and flavorful wrap.  I’m all about saving anything I can from my kitchen, and this burrito is a great way to avoid letting leftovers go to waste!

If you have a home composting system already, then you’re used to keeping track of your kitchen waste! If you don’t think you can compost in a tiny apartment, you can get a kitchen composter.

What’s In This 7 Layer Dip Wrap Recipe?

Be sure to visit the recipe card below for full ingredient amounts and recipe instructions!

Layer 1: Sour cream – you can use traditional sour cream, or for a plant-based version try my vegan sour cream recipe which it’s a great substitute.

Layer 2: refried beans – which give this extra protein and flavor! I have a few fantastic refried beans recipes you can check out on my site:

Layer 3: salsa of choice. I also have a few fantastic salsa recipes on this site: roasted tomato salsa, sweet & spicy pineapple pico de gallo, and plant-based salsa verde with tomatillos!

Layer 4: Lettuce  – for a delicious fresh crunch!

Layer 5: chili beans or leftover taco filling. I used a vegetarian taco meat for these wraps, which gave a little extra protein!

Layer 6: cheese – any variety you like: cotija, Mexican blend, or cheddar are favorites.

Layer 7: fresh garden tomatoes for added flavor, and a little hot sauce for spice!

taco filling burrito wrap vegetarian refried bean burrito with sour cream and taco ingredients leftovers