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A Beekeeper’s Raw Honey Mustard Sauce Recipe (Gluten Free)

As a beekeeper, I know honey! My recipe for a raw honey mustard sauce is simple and tasty, made with raw honey straight from the beehive. Seriously, who doesn’t love a good dipping sauce?  I am a fan of anything sweet, tangy, and great for dippin’.  This honey mustard recipe uses raw honey, something we […]


The Perfect Swarm: An Amateur Beekeeper’s First Attempt at Capturing a Swarm

Apparently #FreeBees are a real thing!  A daring attempt at capturing my first swarm using ladders, cardboard, and bedsheets… and integrating a new hive on to our homestead! We woke up as usual on Saturday May 18th and enjoyed one of the first really warm days we’ve had this year in New England.  Its been […]